Wednesday, September 1, 2010

busyness and business

...........this morning i awoke feeling a little overwhelmed about how i was going to fit everything in this week. i planned a day catching up on studio work before heading of to "paid work" for the next two days. then i got a phone called saying "help", can you please come into work today !!! so i dropped everthing and off i went...........on the way to work i dropped into the post office and GUESS what was waiting there ????
my new business and mini cards and THEY ARE AWESOME. they are from moo and they rock. i will post some photos of them in the next couple of days (my daughter has pinched my camera tonight) i love the quality of them and the colours are awesome. thank you to some of my  "flying lessons" classmates who shared their resources so willingly during the recent e-course i took part in with kelly rae roberts
can't wait to show you all..........overwhelm be gone.