Friday, April 19, 2013

LE PAPIER BLOG is getting an OVERHAUL !!!!!

Happy Friday Friends.
I know i don't get to post on here much but i have so much to tell you.
i have decided to give my blog an overhaul. kinda like a facial where the surface will look all new and shiny but you will still find the same bits underneath :)
so, I have decided that while i am:
managing my next Pop Up shop and gaLLery in Albany, being mum to a teen daughter and two young adult boys, finishing a unit in ceramics at GSIT, loving my sister and her family from across the continent, submitting forms for this year's Southern Art and Craft Trail, trying to be a good daughter, cooking, being a loving wife, creating new encaustic works (yippee), trying to lose weight, making time for my friends, supporting the school's Basketball and Netball development, attending monthly Gourmet Club lunches, watching my boy play footy, trying to practice Art daily, being a great Aunty, talking to my other "biggest" boy long distance over the phone about Uni. life and generally being a woman who wants to get the most out of every day.......
I have decided that this little ol' blog needs a facelift. an overhaul. 
a gracious gift, from me. it's owner.
It may take me a while but i have now put it out there. it will happen in stages. hope you like the changes that are going to occur.

This is my INTENTION.

* new colours
* new background image
* slideshow of work
* bio.
* updated blog listing of blogs i love
* more regular posts (linking in with my le papier facebook page)
* and a few surprises !