Sunday, February 27, 2011

necklace heaven ...

well ... i have been really busy soldering away. 
over the last 10 days i have managed to pump out several new designs for my art charms that i will be selling at the markets in Denmark, Walpole and Balingup between now 
and the end of April. 
i have made the charms in three different sizes 
(1" square, 1.5" square and 1" wide x 3" long) 

so there should be something to suit everyone !!! 

1" square art charms

all of the art charms feature scanned images of my original collage work and in fact some of them even have tiny little original collages going on inside them ... 
the inspiration just kept coming.

 if anyone would like to order an art charm please 
feel free to e-mail me. 

the 1" square are $14 each, 
the 1.5" square are $18 each 
the 1" x 3" are $18 each  
(you can identify them by telling me where they are located 
on the grid pictured)