Friday, July 27, 2012

the time has come .....

well, the time has finally come. it is the eve. of me commencing the 30x30x30 artist challenge for the Treetops Montessori School in Perth, Western Australia. i am nervous, excited, pumped, happy and a little over-whelmed (all at once). i felt ok until i unpacked the canvases and looked at the "stack" in front of me. 30 of them. wow. 

how am i going to keep the ideas flowing? have i got enough paper, glue, paint, time, energy, brushes, meals in the freezer, space, ideas, enthusiasm? 

But you know what? i am going to MAKE IT HAPPEN. i have faces many interesting challenges in my life so far. this is just a new type of challenge for me. because i am putting myself out there through my art it feels a little less frightening. i feel like i can let my art talk for me. i can express myself through the use of colour, texture, photography and my own, unique style. how cool. how liberating. how great, to be experiencing new and exciting challenges at the age of 41 ! BRING ON TOMORROW. 
this chic is ready to create, create, create. 
30 times to be precise. 
good times xx