Friday, February 17, 2012

i have been an absent friend ....

hi all. it definitely would be stating the obvious to say that i have been extremely busy over the past month or so. i have been to sydney for christmas, entertained many family and friends over the summer holidays in nornalup, had the kids in 2 weeks of swimming lessons, finished off a couple of commission pieces, filled another "top-up" order for Howard Park Wines, moved house (a second home in Albany) and started studying full time .... phew, and that is the things that i can remember!!! life has been challenging and uplifting all rolled into one. i have had moments of overwhelm amongst laughter, tears and exhaustion. i am learning to adjust to living away from our main "family" home amongst the tall trees and into a city again. we are using the city unit as a base for the kids upper schooling and my study. whilst is is super exciting to have the shops, cafes and culture back on the doorstep, i must say, i miss "home" terribly. lucky i am busy busy busy...

during the next 6 months my focus will be studying Visual Art at the great southern institute of technology in albany. i am enrolled in art history/mixed media, drawing, printmaking, painting and digital media classes. SO full on, but SO much fun. i am hoping to pick up lots of new tricks, tips and techniques to incorporate into my own art work whilst "testing the water" to see if i like studying again before possibly doing a degree in fine art. i have loved every minute of my course so far and have decided to share some images with you below of some expressionist artists that have "caught my eye" this week.
and (just for you) i have included an image of a collage that one of my classmates and i completed yesterday as part of our drawing assessment. we had to do a large drawing each exploring tone and line making. we then had to cut our drawing up into different sized pieces to categorize them according to their tone (light, medium or dark). we then set about creating a collage incorporating work form the two of us which was 1m x 1m. i think you will agree, the results were pretty damn special. it was an awesome morning session, spending three hours creating and collaborating. i wonder what we will "create" next week ???
monique + leanne

in my next blog post i will be sharing with you all some VERY exciting news.....stay tuned and have a fabulous weekend :)