Sunday, April 22, 2012

autumn inspiration ...

today i have decided to share with you all some images of the work i have been creating whilst studying Visual Arts at the Great Southern Institute of Technology in Albany, WA.
i have been taking classes in drawing, art history, installation art, painting, printmaking and digital media. i must say it has been a pretty wild ride. i am continuously inspired by both my lecturers and the students i am working alongside. so far, the printmaking class has definitely been my favourite....what an awesome way to spend 6 hours on a wednesday!! 
our lecturer is the "uber talented" indra geidans whose work can bee seen on the turner galleries website (just click on tis link to have a peek). we first started in Indra's class by inking up some fabulous mono prints. i have posted a few images of my mono printing works below.

then, since learning mono printing techniques we moved onto using the fantastic presses at the Albany campus (which enable us to produce beautiful lino prints). learning the lino printing process has been so fulfilling, rewarding and challenging. it has given me a new focus and i find the actual cutting/carving of the lino plates very thereputic. there is nothing more satisfying than taking one of my original drawings or sketches and transferring it onto the lino plate to commence carving out the design. getting my head around how to cut the lino so that the areas where the ink sit are the printed parts and that what i am carving out is actually what will be revealed as the original paper beneath has been a real challenge. it is almost like you have to view everything as an old style "negative" of a photograph to get it right. below is a sample of one of my lino cut designs...

i will leave you all now with these lovely printmaking images to look at. if you find these intriguing, go online and have a look at some of the amazing work that is out there by artists from all around the globe. 
i am sure it will draw you in, just as it has me. 
happy browsing folks :)