Friday, December 2, 2011

my latest addiction ...

hi all. how are you all feeling about the fact that christmas is JUST 
around the corner? i am super-excited, because we are heading to sydney 
to spend it with my gorgeous new little niece 
(who is one of the reasons i have been absent from 
the blogosphere for so long).  
she will be 6 weeks old on christmas day and my daughter 
(13) is so excited to have a "little chicken" to cuddle and love ♥
i have decided today to share with you a sample of my latest collage work 
that i am creating on boards that are 30cm x 30cm. 
it started off with me trying to get use out of leftover wet paint 
that was hanging around after painting my large paintings on canvas. 
my doting husband has cut all of the boards up for me 
and i have been loving getting the paper, the glue 
and the lino stamps out. 
here is one of the collages that i have loved 
since the minute i made it. it is currently for sale locally 
i have also just used this image on the front of a gorgeous new 
square greeting card made exclusively for the 
Cellar Door of Howard Park Wines in Denmark. 
i hope you like it as much as i do..let me know what you think !