Tuesday, October 19, 2010

remember paper doll dresses ?

remember those great "paper dolls" we used to have that had the cute clothes with the little tabs we just tucked over the shoulders of the dolls to give them a new look....i just LOVED them when i was little !!!
well, they were the source of the inspiration behind my latest set of four collage works entiltled "dress up".
i have posted a picture of one of the completed collages below and i have to say i had lots of fun creating them. whilst i was working away my mind kept drifting back to the days when play time was seemingly endless ..... aaaah, those were the days ...

i have a little secret to tell you about how these collages were created; if you take a peek at one of my previous posts entitled rainy tuesday you will see that i have used the "august pastel collage" pieces as the base for the "dress up" series. i just love the fact that i have scanned and used the original pastel collages for my art prints/pendants and cards and now i can take them to a whole new level by creating a second series over the top of the original work. transforming the original pastels into these cute dresses was a real treat, i was so absorbed whilst playing with the delicate pastel colours and especially enjoyed incorporating the old sewing pattern paper. i just LOVE getting my hands dirty.
what do you think about this concept? let me know if you like them........x