Saturday, February 5, 2011

coincidence or something more ???

so, i was reading a very inspiring blog post the other week posted by the one and only kelly rae roberts and was feeling very envious of the amazing artistic community in and around portland in the united states. i serioulsy felt like i wanted to jump on a plane and get me some of that artistic goodness....clearly delusional.
so then, i met up with a friend this week that i had first met 7 years ago at a workshop here in Western Australia. she and i live a long way apart and met through a mutual friend. i really warmed to her when i met her all those years ago and was so thrilled to re-connect with her of late. i have watched her and several other amazinly talented artists from the sidelines for 6 years whilst we ran a business and nurtured our children towards adolesence. i met up with her again last september and we pledged to keep in touch. over coffee 4 days ago she handed me some info. on a workshop that she had just enrolled in and that she thought i might be intersted in. GET OUT OF HERE ... it was the "bloom true" workshop being run by the very talented flora bowley, the exact same artist, from Portland, who's very workshop experience i was drooling over on kelly rae's blog post. AND the local (West Australian) point of contact for registrations is the amazing donna jensen who i met online during kelly rae's "flying lessons" e-course which i participated in last year. donna lives in Western Australia too and she posted encouraging words on my blog when i was first starting out, which really meant alot to me...

everything is just falling into place.
  • i get to meet donna in the flesh ... (instead of just through cyber space) 
  • i get to hang out with the amazing, warm and friendly debbi baker
  • i get to paint with flora bowley ... stop it !!! you should seriously check out her website !
it just goes to show; that if we find the time to trust in letting go and believe in ourselves just a little bit, if we make the step to re-connect with those creative soul mates we have out there and if we take the time to assess where we are headed on our own personal journey ... good things happen.
i can't wait to share some photos with you in late march once i have completed the workshop !