Monday, March 4, 2013

Phone Box Pop Up Gallery ....

Today i thought i would share will you all my recent experience taking part in a 
"Pop-Up Phone Box Gallery" - Guerilla Style 
in the beautiful coastal city of Albany, 
Western Australia.
event co-ordinator Serena McLauchlan from
Hotchin Gallery banded together a group of nine 
South Coast Artists 
to present the visitors and residents of Albany 
a visual feast in the main street 
on a bright and sunny Saturday in January.
Each artist was given an opportunity to display their work in small format and offer it for sale at "about the price of a take away coffee". this meant that not only were people able to see a lot of great pieces of work from many talented folks but they also could afford to snap up a piece or two of affordable art. 
image by meleah farrell 
at one stage we had people lined up the street eagerly awaiting their turn to step inside the phone box and take in the beauty that surrounded them. 
there were such a vast array of colours and sites that some people were actually quite overwhelmed and delighted.
we had beautiful work from the supremely talented
 Eve Young (see below)
the inspiring Janelle Peterson
the delightful Jillian Green
the funky photography goddess Meleah Farrell
 the generous beauty Serena MacLauchlan
 the emerging Artist Leanne Fry 

and the fabulous
David Edgar
Katie Ambrose 
Kate Houderrani
What evolved was a fun day full of sunshine, sharing, laughter, coffee and a sense of excitement.
this is what ART is all about. 
bring it into the street. 
in full view. 
for all to witness. 
make it accessible. 
show the world. 
share your thoughts.
culture in the main street.
just brilliant.

Thank You Serena for getting this off the ground. I am thrilled that my 
"york street phone box"
wooden art block was the catalyst for this event. 
I can't wait until the next idea evolves xo