Thursday, July 21, 2011

painting frenzy...

hello out there to all my friends and followers. just thought i would take some quick shots of the "works in progress" i have going on in preparation for my up-coming exhibition...yes, it's official. i am selling and exhibiting my works in a REAL exhibition this October in the nearby town of Walpole in collaboration with a friend and fellow artist, Justine Gamblin. we are taking part in the Southern Art and Craft Trail this year and are so thrilled to be part of it all. the exibition will be running from 1-16 October...more details to follow!

anyway, today i am working in the studio on some paint and collage works. i decided to take a snap of all the works together...very mixed up and random at the moment and as you can see, some pieces are completed works and others are ready for their next layers to go, let the FUN begin. i am off to create some more "layered magic". chat soon peeps....xoxoxo