Friday, September 17, 2010

upmarket update

WELL...........upmarket was indeed inspirational.
but my camera did not make it out of my bag.............arrrrgh.

 i was so into enjoying the moment, snaffling up beautiful homemade wares, eating yummy food, drinking great coffee, chatting with a good friend and checking out stall set-ups for when i hopefully get my own space there.  you can check out the great upmarket website to see the goodies or just take my word for it.....upmarket rocks. xxx
  • i am now lusting after the entire new pastel range from
          eucalypt homewares

i especially like the way all of the pastel colour combinations work together and when you FEEL these pieces that have a lovely matt exterior which is so beautifully tactile. a great contrast to their shing, smooth inside surface.

everthing here is a treat for the eyes......i must admit that i own one of the amazing lamps and am suggesting to my family that i may need another one for christmas !
  • i was inspired by the presentation of the jewellery from 
white square

 please check out the links to all of  these sites....
i promise you will not be dissapointed x

studio makeover

don't you just LOVE looking at other peoples studio's. i know i do.
so, i have decided to share a couple of (not very well lit ) photos of my studio this week before i get new desks/shelves/pin up boards happening.

i won't be getting it all done at once but every little bit will help in the organisation of it all. it must be the virgo in me........i seriously need to whip this room into order !!!