Monday, May 13, 2013

a quick hello.

i have decided that i am going to post at LEAST once a week now on my blog so that there is always something for you to take a "peek" at.
today i am going to show you some images from my latest PoP uP ShoP and GaLLerY that was at Bay Merchants three weeks ago.

 i had the pleasure of sharing this space with the talented 
Louise Allerton (photographer), 

and the amazing Justine Gabmlin (textiles).

this was the third time i had been a part of the "PoP uP" down at Middleton Beach and it was especially nice to receive so much support from the local community. they really got behind us. those who had been before were coming back to see us and to check out our newest work. whereas the new visitors were very encouraging and surprised at the volume and quality of the work on show.
i fell pretty confident that this will not be the last you see of me at PoP uP spaces in Albany. i really love coming together with other artists to display our work in such an informal way. rather than it being and exhibition space only, the PoP uP allowed us to showcase some fabulous local craft wares alongside fine art photography from Louise and contemporary pieces that i had recently completed. it also gave me, personally, the opportunity to put work out there across a variety of mediums to get a "feel" for what is trending or popular with the customers. but perhaps the part i enjoyed even more (surprisingly or not??) was actually styling the room. getting everyones work out and co-ordinating the colours, styles and textures was definitely where i found my "groove".
hope you enjoy the images today.


until next time xo
leanne <3