Monday, July 4, 2011

a little bit of paper goodness...

good morning and happy Monday to you all.
well, i am sure i don't need to tell you how wonderful etsy is and how once you log onto the site you can spend hours, literally hours my friends, wandering around the site and looking at all of the amazing handmade goodies for sale. not only is this site the best place to buy unique handmade gifts but also it is such an amazing source of inspiration. 
most of the shops on the site are "drool-worthy" 
( i don't believe that is actually a word, but is sounds cool) 
such a shop is Palomaria
i discovered this inspirational site and am super impressed that her jewellery items are made from PAPER...right up my alley.
here is an image of one of her beautiful necklaces with a link to her shop...i do hope you enjoy them as much as i did. my order from her shop should be travelling across the pacific ocean as we speak.