Wednesday, November 3, 2010

dreams really do come true ...

i am writing this post as i have had an incredibly frustrating couple of weeks trying to get my computer and internet problems sorted out as well as being ill with a nasty cold. i am sorry that i have no new goodies to show you, but i thought i would share these photos that i took in my back yard a little while ago. i have a dear friend who shared with me a dream she had a few years ago about me living on a block of land in the country and having my own peacocks...i excitedly explained to her that whilst we were busy renovating our home on 20 acres, alas, there were to be no peacocks. with the busy schedule my family has to attend to for work/sport/study commitments unfortunately having pets would not currently be an option. SO imagine my surprise one fine morning when i glanced out the window of my home to find this beautiful creature wandering around my yard. it JUST TURNED UP on my doorstep...literally! i thought i was seeing things, especially after my friend's dream. it turns out that this darling belonged to a neighbour who lives over a kilometre away and we soon got her settled back home. but not before some moments of amazement and disbelief on my behalf....
it suppose it just goes to show - dreams really do come true !!


  1. They are a beautiful bird. A lovely visitor. Charmaine

  2. sometimes yes, dreams do come true, but how cool is to find a peacock in front of your doorstep??:-)

  3. Oh Leanne, quite goose bumpy! Love stories like that.

  4. That was such vivid dream, I remember it to this day very clearly. Make sure to remind me to read your cards when we catch up later this month. xox