Saturday, January 22, 2011

art prints

last saturday i had my first market stall at the walpole markets in my home town. at that market i launched for sale my art prints (which i love). over the last few months i have had endured a steep learning curve in respect to archival quality ink and paper, formatting prints ready for printing and getting the colours "just right".
i must admit i wanted to "pinch myself" to see if they were real once i saw them all packaged up and looking so professional!! i have posted some images below as a "snapshot" of some prints i currently have available.

dress up

dress up 3

desire trio

the lighthouse
i am so looking forward to walpole and denmark eater 2011 markets !!!
thank you to all of my friends, family and new customers who have proved to be such a huge support over the past few months whilst i have been playing around trying to get them ready for sale...your input has been invaluable xo


  1. Hi Leanne - they are looking wonderful and you have every right to feel great about them. I especially love the first two! PS I love wearing my "Find Joy" pendant - I have chosen joy as my word for 2011 so it is getting worn a lot!! I'm down your way-ish (Albany) in a week's time for work so if you are likely to get into Albany sometime that week, let me know.

  2. They are beautiful! Congrats to you!!