Monday, March 14, 2011

cards, cards and more cards ...

hi all.
i have had a fantastic weekend getting the production line happening and creating another 90 cards ready for the three markets i am attending in april (see post dated 27th Feb. 2011 for details of these markets) ... i had so much fun printing/sticking, labelling and packaging. most of the designs are the "old favourites" but i have created three new designs using my camelia photographs taken back last year when i was doing the blogging your way online class with the amazing holly becker and lesley shewring (see post dated 1st Oct. 2010)

i have taken these photos and hand stamped a couple of beautiful images/words over them to create some pretty sweet looking cards ... let's hope the customers like them as much as i do !! let me know what you think ... 


  1. These are my favourites. Lovely work Leanne.

  2. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm - looking for a Nanga8 post????? Actually, I can't talk - I'm still trying to process it all and enjoy the after glow lol hoping to post tonight tho... Hope you're well down there at the bottom of the world ;) x Donna

  3. hi Donna - have been a bit "under the weather" the last few days - nanga 8 post coming up soon, i promise ;)