Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"harmony" complete ...

hi everyone...
today i am sharing with you all my latest COMPLETE painting...i finished late Friday night and just love how it has ended up. it started out life as a peacock on a branch but after many hours (and about 4 layers) eventually morphed into the work you see below. after i had painted the peacock and added the purple layer i put the painting up on my wall out in the family room to check it out for a while, get some perspective, see what was needed next. when after a week or so it wasn't "talking" to me i decided to be BOLD and cover it up! boy, am i sure glad i did, because for the first time it allowed so much to come shining through with every extra layer and every new song that came blaring out of my i-pod magic appeared........and i am so "stoked" 
(is that actually a word???? it was in the eighties!!!) with the end result. 
peacock....that i eventually covered up !

the layers working their magic ...

"harmony"  complete


  1. I really like it better now Leanne. It looks fantastic. I'm so impressed with you for being able to cover over the peacock. took alot of strength. Hope it's now going in the exhibit..

  2. Wow, it's looks beautiful. Great job. :D