Thursday, June 23, 2011

series of six ...

morning everyone...

as i am snuggled up at home with the fire blazing today i decided to share with you a little series of paintings/doodlings that i completed last night. 
i know that they will not necessarily be everyone's "cup of tea" but i just love doodling...
as friends of mine well know !!!
it was so much fun to make these little canvases and 
i really like them hanging together in a set.

it was also great to get out my dictionary papers and 
words which i love to work with. 
i randomly placed the papers on each canvas and 
it wasn't until the paints over the top had dried that i went searching 
for anything i liked. imagine my delight as i found words like 
secret, kiss, serenity, sister, play, self and etc. 
such COOL words...appearing from under the paint and glue. 
truly inspirational. 

i would love to hear your feedback on these pieces, 
especially seeing as how they are a little different from my 
usual work to date...they remind me of journal pages, 
what do you think ??


  1. Too Cool, love the colours, love it !

  2. thanks Auntie Amz...looking forward to seeing you on the weekend x

  3. Beautiful and gorgeous colours.

  4. I absolutely luv em leanne. I really like them in landscape but that is my orderly side talking. The colours r gorgeous and the paper & drawings on top r really my cup of tea. My fav's r the middle top and the bottom right. well done on this series.

  5. love the dictionary pages--