Wednesday, September 21, 2011

check this out ...

do you love it????
this is a digital collage I created tonight using some of the images I have photographed ready for my up-coming exhibition next week. in order to cover all tastes and budgets i have taken small "snap shots" of my acrylic painting work as it has been evolving to create 5 x 7 inch original art prints. these will sell for the BARGAIN price of $10 each at the exhibition, allowing anyone to take home a "snippet" of original art. they are packaged up and backed with foam core board so that they can be given as gifts or simply popped straight into a frame. i think they are going to be a are some single samples below.
harmony piece
love lace piece
peaceful pods piece


  1. They look awesome!!! May 'steal' this idea for my exhibition...if I can ever get prints organised at all.....

  2. I left a link to this blog post in my latest blogpost. :D

  3. Thank so much Michelle xo
    Hope you are getting to enjoy this beautiful sunny day :)

  4. Came over from Michelle's blog. Love your stuff!

  5. Love love love the collage Leanne - I reckon that would make an awesome print! Great idea to do the small prints - they look great. Wish I could be down your way during the exhibition (Thanks for the invite!) - I am sure it will be fantastic and I will be thinking of you.

  6. Thank You Debbi...I have been checking out your blog and would love to get involved in some "swaps" as soon as my exhibition is over xo