Wednesday, March 5, 2014

city lights ....

Hi everyone. I have been working on this piece for about 6 months now.......
each time I look at it I have made slight changes. 
I have turned it around, added more paper, put more painted details in, 
removed or scratched back old pieces that I have decided I didn't like, 
layered up some areas with more paint, 
found "hidden" pieces within the painting that I have chosen 
to highlight and generally really taken my time to get it right. 

I FINALLY completed it on Saturday.
Let me know what you think !! 
I have entitled this piece "city lights" and it is 90cm x 90cm. 
Mixed media on canvas. $550.
Would you like to have it hanging in your home??? 
Just e-mail me if you would like to "snap up" this, my latest piece.
Happy Wednesday.

Love from Leanne xo

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