Sunday, September 19, 2010

short and sweet

my first photgraphy post !!!
hello everyone...i am super-excited to share with you just ONE of the 254 shots i have taken this afternoon in my garden and at home. i am currently taking an online course entitled "blogging your way" led by the amazing holly becker and from decor8 and the delightful leslie shewring from a creative mint. leslie has offered us some photo editing tips and i have spent the afternoon playing....once all of the housework was done (obviously). don't you just love slow cookers, having dinner cooking away whilst i get creative is such a godsend....anyway i am off to pack my bags again - this time off to music camp with my daughter and her schoolfriends, should be a fun-filled, jam-packed week :)
i hope you like my beautiful camelia flowers as much as i do x


  1. The photo looks really lovely great. I feel like reaching out and touching the flowers and putting on the beads. Exactly what Leslie was talking about. I am looking forward to practicing my photos this week.

  2. thank you. i have so many great shots from this afternoon, i think i may have just found a new passion !

  3. Hi Leanne
    I'm doing the BYW course too and am also loving Leslie's tips. The photo you took is gorgeous! Well done!!

  4. Hi, I am visiting from BYW class too. I loved your photo. I just got a new camera two week ago and I am having so much fun putting all the things Leslie has taught us into practice. I'm enjoying a daily photo shoot.Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and talent.